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OPEN EVERY SATURDAY from 10am-1pm at St. Bridget's Centre, West Kirby
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10am – 1pm

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Mission Statement
To preserve and display the collection of artefacts covering 1000 years of history of St Bridget's church and to promote knowledge and understanding of the museum, the church and local history.

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The exhibition from October - December will focus on the contribution of local people in World War II.



                                   MAY to SEPTEMBER

The display will show the development of the 12 miles of the disused joint Great Western and London North Western Railway line from West Kirby to Hooton into Britain's first designated Country Park.


On Friday 12th May at 7:30pm   West Kirby Museum will hold its  A.G.M. followed  by  a  talk  "A  History  of  the  Wirral  Country  Park  to  mark  its  50th  Anniversary" by Dr Stephen Roberts

Doors open at 6:45 pm  FREE ADMISSION Seating allocated - first come, first served.







Saturdays 3rd, 10th & 17th December




"Evacuees of WWII  &  A Centenary of Hoylake & West Kirby War Memorial"


HERITAGE DAY - 10th September



St Bridget's Centre


The Museum will be open from 10am  - 4pm. There will a local history book sale and various exhibitions from the Research Group. We have now completed the history of 100 shops in Banks Road, West Kirby and information will be available.

Refreshments will be served.


History Quiz




 The Exhibition Celebrates Her Majesty’s 70 Years Reign

Wirral History Fair

The History of St Bridget's School

THE VIKINGS ARE COMING Saturday 6th November

Wirhalh Skip Felagr is Merseyside's leading Viking, Saxon and Norman re-enactment group

Members of the group are walking from Caldy to West Kirby on Saturday 6 November and will be at  the museum about 11:30 



Saturday 11 September 2021     10am

A walk of 1 mile lasting 1 hour

The Old Village of West Kirby lies in a conservation area. It was once the bustling centre of West Kirby before the railway arrived in 1878.Learn about the history of the area and admire the old buildings, some dating back to the 17th Century.

Meet at the Lych Gate, St Bridget's Church, Church Road, West Kirby CH48 7HL

No disabled access - Narrow pavements make the walk unsuitable for wheelchairs, the less mobile and prams.

Booking Essential.

Contact :  0151 625 7013


As part of Wirral Heritage Open Days the museum will be open from 10am - 4pm on Saturday 11th September.

For other local Heritage Open Day events see www.wirralhistoryandheritage.org.uk   


The museum's new display celebrates the major restoration of St Bridget's Church in 1870


The museum is open every Saturday morning 10am - 1pm

New Year

Normally, when the New Year arrives, we would be inviting potential participants to the Museum’s Annual History Quiz, ably devised and organised  over the years by Peter Ryan and with refreshments provided by our gallant volunteers.

However you will understand that circumstances in 2021 will be very different, at least for the first few months, so we regret that the Quiz cannot take place, as it would normally do,  in January. Whether we are able to reschedule it to later in the year remains to be seen.

In the meantime can we wish you all a Happy New Year, as far as that is possible and say how much we look forward to seeing you in the Museum and at Museum events, if and when we can. For now we must just wait patiently.

Museum Update

Firstly, we hope you are all continuing to keep well. We are in very strange times which, unfortunately, look to continue for some time yet.

 We have been working very hard, in tandem with the manager of St Bridget’s Community Centre, to find a way of opening the Museum to visitors once more. Members of the museum committee have worked with Centre manager to produce a risk assessment document, to ensure that staff and visitors are safe when the Museum open again.

 Frustratingly, just as we seemed to see a light at the end of the tunnel, the rules changed once more, and we were moved into Tier 3 status and Lockdown. Space limitations and a reduction in the number of volunteers who are willing (or able) to attend open days, mean that it is now not possible for us to say when we will be open again. That depends on the way Covid restrictions change over time and, we think, will not be open until the New Year at the earliest.

 When we are able to open again, it is also likely that, initially, it will only be for one or two Sunday afternoons a month, as the Centre rules currently state that only one hirer at a time may use the hall and regular events have already claimed all the Saturday slots.

We will only open when we feel it is safe to do so. We will keep you up to date via the web site and social media.

 Until then please all stay safe and fingers crossed that come the New Year we are able to start thinking about opening the Museum once again.

11th - 19th July Festival of Archaeology

24th June 2020 Museum Update

Jan/Feb/Mar 2020 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Edward Mines, West Kirby's Pioneer Aviator'

'Edward Mines, West Kirby's Pioneer Aviator'

An exhibition of Edward Mines aviation exploits in the early years of the 20th century 


"Wings over Wirral" aviation before WW1

models and photographs

7th March 2020 - Wirral History & Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum have a stand at the fair


27th March 2020 West Kirby Museum A. G. M.


This decision is in response to the increase in the spread of Covid19 virus across the UK and, we believe it is in the best interests of The Friends of the Museum and Committee members.

The AGM will be held later in the year and we will let everyone know the details as soon a new date has been confirmed.

West Kirby Museum AGM


hog-back-ground copy_1

 followed by a social cheese and wine evening.

St Bridget’s Centre,  7.30 pm start. 

Apr/May/Jun 2020 Temporary Exhibition:- 'V E Day 75'


8th May 2020 Exhibition:- 'V E Day 75'


V E Day Poster3_GF

Jul/Aug/Sep 2020 Temporary Exhibition:- '150th Anniversary of the Restoration of St Bridget's Church'


Oct/Nov/Dec 2020 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Mr Moss, Headteacher of St Bridget's School for 45 Years'

9th November 2019 Exhibition:- West Kirby Remembers WW1 & WW11

2019 WK Remembers poster

21st February 2020 Talk:- 'Edward Mines, West Kirby's Pioneer Aviator'


31st January 2020:- Annual History Quiz


14th September 2019 Exhibition:- 'West Kirby Research Revealed'

2019 Heritage Day poster

The Research Group will display all the projects that we have been working on over the past five years. This an opportunity to find out all about old West Kirby and our researchers will be on hand to answer questions. We invite visitors to bring along memorabilia and tell or researchers of their local history knowledge. There will be numerous history  displays and continuous powerpoint projection. The Red Cross will bring their history display and a Green Goddess fire engine will be on display. Local history book sale.

Refreshments Available

Jul/Aug/Sep 2019 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Meols Drive History and the Eastwood Family of the Royd'

31st May 2019 Talk:- ‘A Celebration of Bells’

Commemorating the 300th Anniversary of St Bridget’s Bells.

6th May 2019:- Ashton Park Fair

Ashton Park Fair

The museum will be open from 10 - 4pm

29th March 2019:- West Kirby Museum A.G.M.

Friends of West Kirby Museum AGM, 
St Bridget's Centre,
followed by a talk.

Apr/May/Jun 2019 Temporary Exhibition:- 'A Celebration of Bells'

 'A Celebration of Bells' 

Marking the 300th anniversary of the casting of some of St Bridget's church bells..

9th March 2019 - Wirral History & Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum have a stand at the fair


25th January 2019:- Annual History Quiz

Jan/Feb/Mar 2019 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Bygone Banks Road'

Bygone Banks Road

This will be a trip down memory lane for many local people. The display includes the development of Banks Road, the early shops, shops fondly remembered, past cafes and restaurants and shops of the 60s.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 Temporary Exhibition:- West Kirby Remembers 1918 and Armistice Day

10th November 2018:- 'West Kirby Remembers 1918 and Armistice'

FREE Tea and Coffee before 11am.

West Kirby Remembers West Kirby Remembers

21st September 2018 Films:- 'Yesterday's West Kirby'

 A Nostalgic Film Tour of 20th Century West Kirby

Yesterday's West Kirby

6th - 16th September 2018 Wirral's Heritage Open Days

This year’s Wirral’s Heritage Open Days Programme once again features West Kirby.

On both Saturday 8th and Saturday 15th September (10 am - 4pm) visitors can see inside St Bridget’s Church, with its wonderful Kempe stained glass windows and the pre-Norman ‘hogback’ or visit the Museum (located in the Parish Centre), currently housing a special display on 140 years since the coming of the Railway.

They can also join Guided Walks round Ashton Park (8th Sept) or West Kirby Old Village (16th Sept). Elsewhere in Wirral the Open Days programme offers the opportunity to see inside scores of heritage buildings or join guided walks round a wide range of historic landscapes. See: www.wirralhistoryandheritage.org.uk.

Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep 2018 Temporary Exhibition:- 1878 - The Railways comes to West Kirby

10th March 2018 - Wirral History & Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum have a stand at the fair


26th January 2018:- Annual History Quiz


6th December 2017 - 'Wirral Horn Award'


Wirral Horn Award 2017
      Each year the Wirral History and Heritage Association presents its Wirral Horn Award to an individual or group selected for its outstanding contribution to local history and heritage. This year the winner is West Kirby Museum.
      2017 is a very special year for the Museum as it marks the 125th anniversary of its opening in 1892, in memory of a local historian, benefactor and church warden, Charles Dawson Brown.
     The Museum now houses the collection of stones Charles Dawson Brown saved from the rebuilding of St Bridget’s Church in 1869-70 and other items which tell the story of the history of the church, its school and the local village over the past 1,000 years.
      Until just a few years ago the stone collection was rarely seen by the general public, though a number of efforts had been made to refurbish and modernise the displays..
      The chance for the Museum to double in size came with the rebuilding of the parish centre. In 2013 the new displays were in place and the Museum opened for the first time since its refurbishment.
      Since then it has gone from strength to strength, telling the story of West Kirby’s local history and through the work of its Friends and its Research Group doing much, much more. So often Museums become static, with nothing new to offer but that is not the case with West Kirby, where a changing series of exhibitions mark local and national milestones or celebrate local places and events.
      For its work in perpetuating so splendidly the vision of Charles Dawson Brown, who first saw the value of saving the so called ‘Viking’ stones, the Museum, with all its Friends, researchers and volunteers is a worthy recipient of the 2017 Wirral Horn.

11th November 2017 Exhibition:- 'West Kirby Remembers WW1 1917'

A database of all Local Men Killed in WW1


Oct/Nov/Dec 2017 Temporary Exhibition:- 'West Kirby Remembers WW1'

'West Kirby Remembers WW1'

20th October 2017 Talk:- 'Exploring the Flintshire Coast'


9th September 2017 Festival:- St Bridget's Earthfest

The Museum will be open 10am - 4pm

2nd September 2017 Exhibition:- 'Heritage Day/Local History Fair'

2017 history fair

24th June 2017:- St Bridget's Fair

The Museum will be open from 10am - 4pm

10th June 2017 Exhibition:- 'Victorian Day'


Jun/Jul/Aug 2017 Temporary Exhibition:- '125 Years of West Kirby Museum'

Apr/May/Jun 2017 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Hilbre Archaeology - the 2016 Community Dig'


31st March 2017 Talk:- 'New Archaeological Discoveries on Hilbre Island'


11th March 2017 - Wirral History & Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum have a stand at the fair


27th January 2017 - Annual quiz

Jan/Feb/Mar 2017 Temporary Exhibition:- 'History of Little Caldy'

12th November 2016 Exhibition:- 'West Kirby Remembers WW1 1916'


Ashton Park Talk

Including: 5 Free War Talks     (lasting approx 30 mins)

 10.30 The Battle of the Somme and Hoylake
Stephen Roberts

 11.30 Some interesting casualties of WW1
Victoria Doran

 12.30 Animals in WW1
Helen Carr

 1.30 Wirral in WW1
Elizabeth Davey

 2.30 West Kirby War Memorial
Heather Chapman

 Tickets available on the day.
First come, first serve

7th October 2016 Talk:- 'The History of Ashton Park'

The History of Ashton Park


illustrated talk by Martin Harrison

St Bridget's Centre, West Kirby.

7 for 7:30pm             Tickets £3.

Oct/Nov/Dec 2016 Temporary Exhibition:- 'The History of Ashton Park'

10th September 2016 Festival:- 'St Bridget's Earthfest'



St Bridget's Centre.

Museum open 10am – 4pm

Refreshments available.

7th September 2016 Heritage Open Days:- 'West Kirby Old Village Walk'

A Walk Around the Old Village


Heather Chapman.

Meet at the lych gate of St Bridget's Church at 10.30am.

Booking is essential as numbers are limited.

See Wirral History and Heritage Association booklet.

3rd September 2016 - Heritage Open Day

Museum open 10am – 4pm 

Refreshments available

19th - 21st August 2016 Exhibition:- 'Dinosaurs in West Kirby'

Fishing Talk

An exclusive, prehistoric exhibition comes to St. Bridget's Centre this summer featuring the largest predators ever to stalk the Earth. The power and size of Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus and Carcharodontosaurus are revealed through visual displays, replicas and fossils. At West Kirby Museum you will see:

Visit the website.

Jul/Aug/Sep 2016 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Norman Ellison: Remembering Nomad Forty Years On'

29th April 2016 Talk:- 'The Fishing Families of Hoylake'


21st April 2016 Talk:- 'West Kirby Shops in Times Gone By'

 West Kirby Shops in Times Gone By


illustrated talk by Heather Chapman

Thursday 21 April at 2.30 pm


West Kirby Library

Book your free ticket (limited numbers) at West Kirby Library

18th - 30th April 2016:- 'Local History Month at West Kirby Library'


Exhibition in West Kirby Library

West Kirby Museum Research Group have been busy finding out all about the old district of West Kirby and Hoylake.

An exhibition in West Kirby Library showcasing our many projects.

The displays will include –         

This is a free event and everybody is welcome. 

If you have any memories or photographs to share please bring them along. 

A member of our team will be attending the display between 10 and 12 daily. 

Apr/May/Jun 2016 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Hoylake Fishing Families'

12th March 2016:- Wirral History & Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum have a stand at the fair


22nd January 2016 - Annual History Quiz


Jan/Feb/Mar 2016 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Discovering St Bridget's Church'

28th November 2015:- St Bridget's School Fair

 St Bridget's School Fair 

Museum open 10am – 4pm

24th November 2015:- Award Winner

West Kirby MuseumWe are pleased to announce that West Kirby Museum is to be the recipient of the 

Merseyside Civic Society's Rita Cheesman Award for Heritage Interpretation, 2015.

This biennial Award is given in memory of Mrs Cheesman (1918-2011), who was a pioneer Merseyguide and later a Blue Badge Guide and thus practically involved for many years in interpreting Merseyside's Heritage to local residents and visitors alike. The award was made possible through generous donations made by Mrs Cheesman's family and friends.

Reasons for the Award

 A superb example of local people getting together to interpret their heritage in an intelligent and engaging way. A Friends Group will ensure sustainability. This is a Merseyside gem, which so deserves to be acknowledged.

7th November 2015 Exhibition:- 'West Kirby Remembers WW1'


6th November 2015 Talk:- 'Wirral in Peace and War 1914 - 1945'


5th September 2015 Exhibition:- Heritage Day

2015 Heritage Day poster[1508]

4th September 2015 Talk:- 'Turnpikes to Motorways in Wirral'

2015 Turnpikes to Motorways Poster[1509]-1

8th May 2015 Talk:- 'West Kirby, Hoylake and the Lusitania'


13th March 2015 Talk:- 'West Kirby’s Windmill – A Medieval Landmark'


7th March 2015 - Wirral History and Heritage Fair

West Kirby Museum will have a stand at the Fair


23rd January 2015:- 'Annual History Quiz'

Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Windmills of Wirral'

8th November 2014 Exhibition:- ‘West Kirby Remembers WW1'

2014 Nov 8 WW1 exhibition[1532]

The exhibition is all about West Kirby during World War 1. This is an opportunity for local people to share their stories, photos and memorabilia about West Kirby service men and their families during the Great War.

7th November 2014 - Talk: “1914 West Kirby”,

1914 West Kirby[1531]

The talk outlines the impact on West Kirby seaside town when war was declared. The military took over the West Kirby Public Hall in August 1914 and soldiers, instead of holidaymakers, became a familiar sight in the town.

(This is part of the West Kirby Remembers project)

13th September 2014 Festival:- St Bridget's Earthfest

The Museum is open 10am - 4pm

6th September 2014 Exhibition:- Heritage Day.

Displays of Old West Kirby

Museum Open 10 - 4pm

Refreshments Available

5th September 2014 Talk:- 'The Historic Villages of Wirral’s Dee Coastline'

The Historic Villages of Wirral’s Dee Coastline


illustrated talk


Local Historian, Gavin Hunter, 

St Bridget’s Centre

7 for 7:30pm

The talk covers the history of the ports and villages of Wirral’s Dee coastline from Chester to West Kirby following the decline and fall as the river silted up and changed it’s course.

12th July 2014 Open Day:– 'Stones & Stories'

Hands on Archaeology

Museum open from 10am - 4pm.

Refreshments Available

4th July 2014 - Informal 1st Birthday Party/A G M

"Annual General Meeting"

Friends of West Kirby Museum

Informal 1st Birthday Party/Annual General Meeting (no long speeches, no voting!). Hear reports on progress and events during the year (and, perhaps, hints of things to come). A celebratory social event, with nibbles and some liquid refreshments, plus live music.

28th June 2014:- St Bridget's Fair

The Museum is open 10am - 4pm

Jun/Jul/Aug 2014 Temporary Exhibition:- 'Victorian West Kirby'

Victorian West Kirby

The current exhibition is "Victorian West Kirby" featuring Victoria Road.  The exhibition shows the development of West Kirby and features some of the people moving into the new homes in Victoria Road.

5th May 2014:- Ashton Park Fair

The Museum will open 10am - 4pm

25th April 2014 Talk:- 'Wirral in Turmoil'


17th January 2014:- The Annual History Quiz


9th November 2013 Exhibition:- West Kirby Remembers WW1

2013 Nov WW1 Exhibition poster[1574]

1st October 2013 - Regular Opening Hours Confirmed

The first three months of the Museum have been more successful than we could have hoped, with over a thousand visitors across the different events and days we have been open. Our initial Friday slot was only available during the summer holidays and after the resumption of the school term the museum's committee was anxious to arrange new regular opening times.

We are extremely happy to announce that St Bridget's Centre Management Committee has approved our application to open the museum every Saturday from 10am to 1pm and this arrangement will begin on 23rd November 2013.

This regular day every week will be memorable for publicity purposes and bring a stability to the perception of the Museum's existence. We hope that people continue to spread the word about the Museum and tell friends and family that there is fascinating local history on their doorstep.

7th September 2013:- Wirral Heritage Open Day

Wirral Heritage Open Day

   St Bridget's Church & Center

10 - 4pm 

The Church, Museum and the Beacon Room will be open.  There will be displays and guided walks.

15th July 2013 - Successful Opening Weekend

Following our Official Opening on Friday night, an incredible 862 visitors attended our weekend of celebrations.

We wish to express our thanks to everyone who supported us, especially: Dean Paton of Big Heritage for the Viking boat and coin striking, Gina Couch of National Museums Liverpool for the hand-axe polishing and for being a Viking along with Diane Goodier, and Nathan and Katherine for helping as demonstrators.

We couldn't have done it without members of the Research Group who manned exhibition tables for varying periods: Val Frost, Carol Boshell, Keith Hatton, Susan Bunni, Judy Hall, Christian Minett. We are grateful to Diane & Eryn Morris, Sarah Marshall, Suzanne Abberley and Gillian Ingram who helped with the Time Team Experience. Well done everyone!

West Kirby Museum Opening

13th - 14th July 2013 Opening Celebration

2013 Open Weekend Poster

19th June 2013 - Less Than One Month To Go!

We are pleased to announce that the Museum will have an opening weekend of celebrations on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July after which it will be open every Friday afternoon throughout the summer, plus one Saturday a month.

The opening will form part of the Festival of Archaeology which is a national event coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology to provide opportunities to investigate the field and meet experts.

27th May 2013:- Coronation Gardens Fair, West Kirby

Coronation Gardens Fair

11 - 4pm

The Friends of West Kirby Museum are taking a table and gazebo at this event.  We will be taking our displays, publicising our opening events and telling people all about the museum.  If you can spare an hour please contact us.

6th May 2013:-  Ashton Park May Fair

Ashton Park May Fair

10 - 4pm.

The Friends of West Kirby Museum are using the Beacon Room at St Bridget's the Centre to welcome visitors to the old Victorian school room.  There will be hands on activities for families on a Victorian theme.  If you can spare an hour to help please contact us.  No expertise required.

19th April 2013 Talk:- 'West Kirby - History on your doorstep'

“West Kirby-History on your doorstep” 

A talk by well known local historian, Elizabeth Davey,

St Bridget’s Centre.  

7pm  for 7:30pm

Please come along and support us.  

You will learn a lot about old West Kirby and it is a social and fund raising event.


20th April 2013:- Wirral History & Heritage Fair

 Wirral History & Heritage Fair


Birkenhead Town Hall

10am - 4pm

For anybody interested in family/local history this is an event not to be missed.  Admission is free and there will be numerous Wirral History Groups attending.  There will also be photographs, postcards, books, ephemera etc for sale.

The Friends of West Kirby Museum are taking a table and display.  If you can give up just an hour or more to man the table please contact us.  We will be telling people about the museum, membership, research etc and there will be a committee member working with you.

6th February 2013 Talk:- Fundraiser, Funds, Friends & Followers

Monday 4th saw a fundraising talk by Heather Chapman on St Bridget's School in the Victorian Age. It was extremely well attended and boosted our membership by another 18 people to a total of nearly 100 "Friends". The event raised a grand total after expenses of £348.50.

On Twitter we now have 630 followers and 70 Likes on Facebook and we would like to thank everyone who has followed, re-tweeted, shared and most of all donated. Everything helps.

On Friday 8th we will be having our first Friends Meeting where there will be discussions on all aspects of the museum and research.

14th January 2013 - Progress Update

2013 will be an exciting year for the Charles Dawson Brown Museum, when the newly refurbished museum will open to the public on a regular basis.

The Museum is making good progress.  The stones are now all mounted in the original old museum.  The bier, sun dial and two display cabinets are in the second room and we are presently working on labels and wall display boards.  We have not yet decided  on the opening date and are hoping it will be close to Easter.

We now have 72 members in our Friends Group and we will be having a meeting of volunteers in the near future to discuss opening hours and the work of the research group.
Our next event is on Monday 4th February at St Bridget’s Centre. See information left.

Heather is researching the history of St Bridget’s School, which began in 1825.  Please will any former pupils with memories or photographs to share please contact Heather on 0151 625 7013 or thechappies@btinternet.com. Any photographs will be copied and returned immediately.

Many thanks for your continued support and very best wishes for 2013.

20th December 2012 - Exhibits Being Mounted

We have started mounting the exhibits in the museum with the help of a professional museum exhibition team. Some pieces have required conservation work before mounting, including the funeral bier and most of the stone items. There is a small team preparing the text for the information labels and this research is continuing.


Festival of Archaeology